Tamashii Kokoro is a premium high-performance martial arts wear that inspire and empower today's Martial Artist. We are not just a brand, we are building a movement. Generating revenue is not our priority - Our team place strong focus on continuous Research & Development (R&D) for innovative products that could enhance personal development and understand our client's trajectory towards a better version of not only themselves but the world. The foundations of our morals, history, and core character traits are embedded within our business.
Preserving Culture, Inspiring Generations & Growing Communities

We are all for supporting martial artist in their journey.
For every purchase made, we are committed to reimburse their training fee*. We truly want our customers to incorporate our products in a way that advances the martial arts community.

In recent decade, we have seen a declining trend in our worldwide community. It is with our dedication we aim to preserve, inspire and grow martial arts that focus on the development of human character and spirit, not just pertaining to Budo Arts; martial arts that believe the ultimate goal not as senseless fighting but the path towards greater awareness in and outside the dojo, martial arts that humanize individual and one that contributes positively to society

Let Tamashii Kokoro assist you in elevating your talents with pieces from our innovative collections. It is our hope that through our vision, those who use our products will channel the foundations that make martial arts a spiritual and mental development journey towards greatness.

Preserving Culture

We believe the teachings of Budo principles can bring positive impact and development to individual character and the world.

We are driven to support martial arts organizations through various means such as providing high quality training attires at Tamashii Kokoro’s factory price, sponsoring organization’s events, marketing collaborations and many more.

Get in touch with us for more information: sales@tamashiikokoro.com

Critical kuro obi for karate and taekwondo by Tamashii Kokoro. High quality black belt. Shiny, glossy, smooth finish.
Inspiring Generations

We believe in leveraging the unique strengths of each generation and learning from each other creates a more collaborative, engaged environment. 

We aim to be a trendsetting martial apparel and accessories brand that continuously inspire and bring new innovations to practitioners – a bridge to discover Japanese martial art & aspirations.

We are constantly on a lookout for #TheBudoLife representative Write to us for nomination: social@tamashiikokoro.com 

Critical kuro obi for Aikido. High quality black belt by Tamashii Kokoro. Glossy, shiny and smooth finish.
Growing Communities

We are dedicated to build and empower communities. Daring to change societal norms, beliefs or behaviors through budo principles and teachings.

Together, we build #TheBudoLife community and together, we grow. Follow our page and social media for more updates.